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Reach Performing Arts Center

The Reach Performing Arts Center is a 400 seat state-of-the-art theater promoting lifelong learning in the arts for the school and the community.

A home for theater, dance, musical performances, school-related activities and community events, the Reach Performing Arts Center is a force for community cohesion, continuing education and artistic development, and is used throughout the year.

First and foremost, the Reach was envisioned as a place where our school children could experience the life-enriching joy of the arts, and it provides a forum for the arts to play a central role in the education of young people. As the school and community continue to use the wonderful facility of the Reach Performing Arts Center, more and more creative endeavors are taking place. With each passing school semester, new activities involving students of all ages are finding a venue in the Reach, and the numbers of students and staff involved in these projects, and the quality of the student presentations, continue to increase.

Mission Statement

The Reach Performing Arts Center, as a unique cultural venue, will offer educational and social opportunities to theentire student body and the larger community. It is a space for participation in a spectrum of artistic and cultural activities, and a space for lifelong learning, community dialogue, and the sharing of human values and experience. It is a place for community adhesion.

Friends of the Reach Committee

Esther Adams
Marion Austin
Mike Benjamin
Cathy Boyce
Jeff Brink
Pam Getto
Phil Glaser
Holly Mead
Charlie Osborn
David Pelletier
Suzy Shepard
Sue Steed
Linda Stratton
Sarah Wilson
Morgan Witham